It’s time to stop spending $10 on protein shakes every day. No matter how good your intentions are, convenience can always get the best of you and cause you to splurge on a busy day. You might think it can’t be that much more expensive than if you bought all the fruit, protein, and yogurt yourself. Maybe you’re convinced it’s more delicious bought than homemade. Does this all sound familiar?

The problem might be that you haven’t found the right protein powder yet. TB12 Protein is the solution to protein shake issues. It’s an incredibly pure whey protein isolate powder. That fancy phrasing means it’s the Cadillac of proteins. TB12 Protein isn’t made of any protein blends, and contains 91 percent protein, beating out protein concentrate, which is only 80 percent protein. It’s also free of additives like sweeteners, fillers, or bulking agents, making it a pure and easy way to add protein to just about anything.

Not only is TB12 Protein free of bad stuff, but it’s also, quite simply, just whey protein. That means it’s free of gluten, sugar, lactose, carbs, and fat. There’s no added flavoring, making it virtually flavorless and a perfect addition to any recipe. This powder works in more than just protein shakes; toss some in your favorite Açaí bowl or protein ball batter.

It’s never been easier to start your protein regimen and work on your goal to achieve sustained peak performance. Some of protein’s main roles in the body are to repair your cells, build and repair your muscles and bones, give you energy, and speed up your metabolism. Protein is also the source of essential amino acids that your body needs to operate at its highest level. TB12’s whey protein isolate is one of the richest known sources of some of those amino acids. They are taken directly into your muscles during exercise, and can assist in muscle recovery after a workout. When you eat high quality protein, you’re giving your muscles the supplies they need to have the most effective workout, and the nutrients that will help them repair and recover afterwards.

It’s true that your protein shake is an important part of your routine, and there’s never been a better time to invest in the best protein that money can buy. So pick up some TB12 Protein and make your protein recipes at home. Your performance will speak for itself.


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