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3 Exercises to Help Prevent a Non-Contact ACL Injury

  • 6 min read
  • July 2019
  • By TB12 Team

Of the four ligaments in an athlete’s knee, it’s the anterior cruciate ligament(or ACL) that tears the most often. And if your ACL tears, you can be pretty sure that’s the end of your season.

Although some ACL injuries can’t be helped — like when Tom took a helmet to the knee in 2008 — many ACL injuries are simply the result of a sudden change in movement (like a fast pivot or cut) that asks the ACL to do too much. And while the ACL takes less than a tenth of a second to tear, it takes months and even years to rebuild.

If you want to do what you love for as long as you can, you’ve got to keep your ACL protected from these non-contact injuries. In this blog, we’re going to give you three exercises that you can use to incorporate ACL injury prevention into your daily training.

"With the overwhelming number of ACL injuries that are sustained throughout athletics each year, it is imperative that we as athletes, coaches, parents, and health care providers do everything in our power to remain proactive in the prevention of ACL injuries.”— Tom Brady


1. 90/90 Single-Leg Balance


2. Lateral Alternating Squat


3. Squat Jump



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