2 World Marathon Challenges, 1 World Record: Becca Pizzi

After making history as the first American woman to run seven marathons on seven continents in seven days, Becca Pizzi wanted to do it again. She aimed to become the first person to complete the World Marathon Challenge twice, and she wanted to perform even better the second time.

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“TB12 played such a huge role,” says Becca. “I’m so grateful to be part of the TB12 family.” As a Belmont, Massachusetts native, it was only natural for Becca to come to TB12 for support. She worked with her Body Coach to train for this marathon and rehab from the last one she ran via pliability work. With the TB12 team and her entire family cheering her on, Becca embarked on her second World Marathon Challenge, feeling more ready than ever before.

Becca went from freezing conditions in Antarctica to 90 percent humidity in Cape Town, South Africa. Each marathon brought different challenges, but she was most looking forward to the final race in Miami, where her daughter would watch her complete a personal goal and — hopefully — a world record. Thanks to her family, her community, and TB12, Becca has realized her own sustained peak performance in the most rewarding way.

“It’s very rare that I’m proud of myself, but I’m definitely proud of myself [after the second World Marathon Challenge],” says Becca. “My biggest advice to everyone is to find your own World Marathon Challenge, dream big, and take chances.”


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