The Best Workouts for Non-Athletes

Are you trying to be more active, but don’t know where to start? Here are some movements you can do as a non-athlete that will benefit your fitness. If you’re interested in exercising more, don’t worry about a gym membership. Instead, get some resistance bands — they’re a great place to start, and they’re all you need. Resistance bands fit the needs of all kinds of athletes, including total beginners! You don’t need to be running 240-mile endurance marathons or throwing 50-yard touchdowns to work out with resistance bands. You can take it at the speed of your life and do exercises that are functional for your needs.

A good place to start is to focus on form, and work on common movements you might already be doing every day. Here are some simple exercises you can benefit from as a non-athlete.



This is a standard movement you can do to increase your strength and fitness. This exercise focuses on the upper body and requires a handle band or two looped bands, plus a door anchor (included in the TB12 resistance band kits).

To get started, attach the bands to the anchor at chest height. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and face the attachment, holding a handle or band in each hand.

To perform the movement, pull one arm in toward your body until your elbow touches your side. Straighten that arm, then pull your other arm in toward your body. Continue to do this, alternating arms, quickly and explosively. You can stop after a few minutes or even thirty seconds if you get tired. Something is better than nothing, and keep working your way up to a longer time!



This is a core stability exercise that will activate your upper body and challenge your form. This exercise also requires bands (one handle or two looped) and a door anchor.

To get in position, attach the bands just below chest height. Stand beside the attachment so your side is facing it, with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hold a band with both hands against your chest, elbows by your sides.

To do the exercise, press both arms straight out from your chest, then bring them back in. Do this continuously, quickly, and explosively. Make sure to keep your lower body stable.

For more challenge, use two bands at a time instead of one.



This exercise works your glutes and hip stability. All you need for this movement is a small looped band.

To start, put the band around your legs, just above your knees. Crouch into a squat position, with your arms pointing straight out.

Perform the exercise by moving to your right for three steps, then back to your left for three steps. Keep your form consistent and stable the entire time. Unlike the other exercises, take your time and perform this movement carefully.



These are only three of the many exercises you can do with resistance bands! For more ideas and instructions, including video demonstrations, check out the “My Plan” section of the TB12 Method mobile app. It’ll curate a daily exercise plan for you based on your experience level and needs!

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