Brain Training for Athletes?

Athletes dedicate lots of time and effort to their physical condition — practice is essential to success in sports! What many athletes don’t think about, though, is training the brain.

Think about it — sports require good reaction times, decision-making skills, peripheral vision, and more. During a game, your brain is working hard, just like your body. Brain training for athletes can lead to serious improvements on the field, so adding cognitive exercises to your training regimen is key.



You might’ve heard the term “brain plasticity” before. It refers to the brain’s ability to mold and change over time. Brain plasticity is why you’re able to learn new skills and get better at old ones into adulthood. This is great news for athletes — it means that brain training will improve the cognitive functions you need to perform for your sport. There’s no amount of physical exercise that will improve your ability to focus. Only brain exercises can keep you sharp, and up for the cognitive demands of a game.



Neuroscientists know how powerful brain plasticity is, and many past and ongoing studies suggest how we can take advantage of our brain’s capabilities. Neuroscience professor and researcher Dr. Michael Merzenich, Ph.D., says “We need to constantly use and develop our brain’s machinery through learning…[by] practicing targeted activities that engage the senses and our memories.” Brain exercises are scientifically proven to help improve and sustain cognitive function, so it’s a great thing for everyone to do.



Brain exercises don’t need to be difficult and time consuming. Don’t worry, you don’t have to read any textbooks! Instead, use TB12™ BrainHQ, a virtual brain exercise program that’ll help you improve your cognitive function in multiple areas. There’s a Personalized Trainer component that assesses your progress and picks exercises for you based on your goals. This program has plenty of athlete brain exercises that help improve reaction time, peripheral vision, object tracking, attention, and more. TB12 BrainHQ takes brain training for athletes very seriously, and you should, too!


TB12 BrainHQ helps you achieve your unique goals and exercise your brain to optimize sport performance. Cognitive care is part of the TB12 Method, a holistic approach to athletic success. Learn more about how the TB12 Method can help you achieve your own sustained peak performance by reading The TB12 Method: How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance and downloading the TB12 Method mobile app.


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