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Can Acupuncture Help With Knee Arthritis?

  • 4 min read
  • October 2019
  • By TB12 Team TB12 Team
Can acupuncture help with knee arthritis?

OSTEOARTHRITIS IS the most common type of arthritis, impacting an estimated 31 million Americans. Also referred to as “wear & tear” arthritis, the condition occurs when cartilage wears away in a joint, like the knee, causing the bones to rub more closely together. This causes pain and stiffness in the joint and ultimately reduced mobility. 


What does acupuncture feel like?


Acupuncture reduces swelling and other arthritis symptoms


Acupuncture promotes healing


Acupuncture contributes to better mechanics


Acupuncture can provide an anti-inflammatory effect & boost cartilage repair


More treatments typically lead to better results


An integrated approach helps support the benefits of acupuncture

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