TB12 Spotlight: Ben McPherron

Getting Better, Every Day.

Meet Ben. He began coming The TB12 Center, initially, to expedite the rehab process after tearing his ACL and meniscus. “I wanted to have something consistent that I knew I could just come in every day and get better,” he said, so he sought out the best treatment that he could.

“My Body Coaches at TB12 have helped me gain muscle and confidence throughout my whole ACL rehab process. The interest that each of them takes into my status and progression is unlike anywhere else. I love that on any given day, I can come into The TB12 Center and know that I am getting incredible treatment no matter the Body Coach that I’m with.”

“TB12 has helped me relieve the soreness through my patella tendon through the muscle pliability work. I have also been able to get on the AlterG machine to continue to build good habits as I learn to run again.”

“The doctors told me that I would never quite become the same athlete that I was before — but TB12 has ensured that the person I am now is a better, more refined, athlete and basketball player than I was before.”


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