TB12 Spotlight: Eve

Eve was diagnosed with having a presumed in utero stroke — resulting in her not being able to move her ankle upward and causing her right calf, thigh, and arm to be extremely stiff.

Her doctors could not agree on a continued course of treatment and felt that she would need to wear a brace indefinitely and consider starting injections to loosen her muscles — but her parents felt that was very prescriptive approach and not the individualized care they hoped.

So she started coming to The TB12 Center in March 2018, and since then, the muscle pliability work she has received has helped loosen the stiffness and relax her muscles.

“We had been trying to get her doctors and physical therapist to explain to us how we could work to have her heal from the injury. The Body Coaches listened — that was a saving grace,” Eve’s mother says.

Her arm, which she was unable to put it straight up, now, has no deficiency and she can now slowly raise her ankle and sidekick a soccer ball with her right leg.

The improvement has been immeasurable — not just in her physical condition, but in her confidence. Whether it’s kicking a ball or learning to ride a bike, her self-confidence has soared.

“It is no easy task to work on a 3-year-old. They don’t listen all the time and are easily distracted,” Eve’s mother explains. But this time something was different. “I can honestly say, that was the first time we left an appointment with Eve and felt excited. She loves the TB12 Center, and she loves all of the Body Coaches. They are part of her extended family. It takes courage to stand up and introduce a new method of care. You invite criticism and endless questions. But with that comes the beauty of hope — and hope is an amazing gift.”

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