TB12 Spotlight: Carter Scudo

In Carter we trust. That is what Carter Scudo’s coach used to tell the young quarterback on the youth football field, and now, that is the saying that drives him to become the best player he can be — not only for himself but for his team.

On December 25, 2016, in Milford, Massachusetts, Carter Scudo opened a Christmas gift from his mother. But it wasn’t your standard holiday gift card; it was a gift card to the TB12 Sports Therapy Center at Patriot Place. The next day he attended his first session with a Body Coach and has been visiting TB12 ever since.


Now a sophomore at Milford High School, Scudo’s training is focused on becoming a dual-threat quarterback with dreams of playing football in college and the NFL.

“My mom watches me take a lot of hits, so she thought learning about pliability and injury prevention would be key to my success,” explains Scudo.

Soreness used to be common after games and practices, but now due to increased hydration and pre and post workout pliability work, his body recovers much faster. Scudo works with both a Body Coach and a Sports Psychologist to train both physically and mentally — and it has helped.

“Playing (football) is both physical and mental,” Scudo explains. “So while Jordan (Scudo’s Body Coach) does my body work, we discuss things that go on during games.”

This mental training paired with physical training helped Scudo with his confidence when things didn’t go as planned.

“I tore my quad during my freshman year in game two of the season,” he says. “That should have ended my season.”


But he returned to the TB12 Sports Therapy Center for treatment and returned to the field in week four. In those few weeks, his Body Coaches didn’t just help his injured quad.

“The support I was given helped me to remain focused on my dreams,” Scudo says. “They helped pick me up when I was feeling down.” That kind of support is important to be successful in a team sport like football. “They aren’t just body coaches to me. They are my family. Jordan has become my brother.”

Now, two years later, the gift keeps on giving — both on and off the field.

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