TB12 Spotlight: Sandy Forsythe


That is what Sandy Forsythe’s Body Coach told her when she arrived at TB12. At the time, she couldn’t bend her leg because of complications during three femur surgeries over the course of six months. Then, months of hobbling around and physical therapy appointments left Sandy feeling as if her life had become completely revolved around her leg.

She had become someone else. She felt that she became self-focused and unconnected to her friends, but she was determined to correct that. That started with the little things.

“Sometimes the of simplest actions, done over and over, can have long-lasting results,” Sandy says.

Some of those simple actions are as easy as drinking more water, and some are more difficult — but while the work is difficult at times, it has made a difference. After two months, Sandy is feeling back to being herself, physically and mentally.

“The transformation has given me back my life. I still have work to do, but they’ve helped me crawl out of a self-made box to see life again.”

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