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3 Habit-Building Strategies To Make Your Home Gym a Success

  • 4 min read
  • November 2019
  • By TB12 Staff
Girl setting up a door spine, a first step to building a compact home gym.

IN A TALK titled “Athletic Performance & Strength Training for Aging Populations,” John Welbourn, a retired NFL lineman and CEO of Power Athlete, used a photo of a home treadmill to make a point about the power of habits when it comes using a compact home gym. In the photo, the treadmill — located in a laundry room — is draped in clothing, like a drying rack. It’s evident that the treadmill has suffered the demise that tends to occur with most resolutions to start a new exercise habit: Rarely (if ever) used, the initial motivation to get into shape having waned into oblivion.

How do you capitalize on the desire to start a new health and fitness program, and prevent the idea from going the way of most resolutions?


Don't Hide Your Home Gym


Try not to mix contexts


Start small


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You Can Train Pliability at Home

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