The At-Home Tennis Elbow Treatment That Works

Tennis elbow is a painful and irritating injury, whether you got it from playing a racket sport or not. If you suffer from this condition, you know that waiting for it to go away just doesn’t cut it. The stiffness and pain not only affects your sport performance, but also can make everyday tasks a chore. Try this tennis elbow treatment you can do at home, right now.



Tennis elbow comes from repetitive activities — it’s associated with racket sports, but develops from any kind of overuse, sport-related or not. It’s caused by pressure on the tendon that attaches to your elbow joint. It leads to tightness, stiffness, and pain in the elbow and surrounding areas. It can even negatively impact your grip and range of movement.



If you have tennis elbow, you want to relieve your symptoms fast. You might feel pressured to choose between drastic measures and insufficient treatments. You know there’s only so much ice and rest can do, yet you don’t want to wear a brace for weeks or get a series of injections. So, try this at-home treatment for tennis elbow symptoms that really works.

With this method, you can minimize or even eliminate your elbow pain effectively. You’ll do it through at-home pliability work, which is deep-force body work that helps lengthen and soften muscles to relieve tension, and actually improve their overall function. It’s not invasive and it doesn’t hinder your daily routine. Whether your symptoms are from racket sports or not, try this method. Pliability work really makes a difference, and you can start doing it today!



Check out this video by our TB12 Body Coach, Joe, to learn how you can treat tennis elbow symptoms at home now. To reduce the tension, you’ll learn how to correctly perform targeted, deep-force muscle work on your arm and elbow. There’s a few ways to do it — you can ask a friend or family member to deliver the treatment, especially with our TB12™ Pliability Lotion, or you can treat yourself with the help of an assisted device like a TB12™ Vibrating Roller or Vibrating Sphere. Either way, you’ll feel serious relief that lasts.


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If you’re interested in reducing your body’s inflammation, which can also relieve discomfort from tennis elbow, check out our nutrition articles. The TB12 Method isn’t just about muscle treatment and injury prevention, although that’s a big part of it. TB12  also details nutrition best practices to help naturally reduce your inflammation and improve your overall sports performance.

For more about the TB12 Method and how it can help you achieve your version of sustained peak performance, download the TB12 Method mobile appand check out The TB12 Method: How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.

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