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If you’re following the TB12™ Method, our app is an absolute must. The TB12 Method mobile app is a great resource for everyone, from pro athletes to weekend warriors. In-app, we’ve taken the same client-centered philosophy from the TB12 Sports Therapy Center and implemented it into a virtual experience called My Plan. Just like in Foxboro, you’ll follow a workout regimen that adjusts to your needs, level, and progress. With over over 350+ unique exercises, all you have to do is select your sport, what equipment you have, the number of days you’d like to workout, and start following the program at home!

Every week, we update the app’s Discover feed with more engaging videos, informational articles, delicious recipes, and workout guides to help you put all five pillars of the TB12 Method into practice. Between the app’s hydration tracker and the My Plan custom training regimen, you’ll have everything you need to stay accountable and make serious progress toward sustained peak performance.

Each workout will begin with at-home pliability work that’s been specifically selected for your sport and equipment availability. Then, you’ll run through a circuit of 8 exercises done 3 times, which have been curated to match your athletic focus — before ending with at-home pliability work on the muscle groups you activated during the workout.

Based on the number of workouts you’ve completed and the feedback you give weekly, the plan’s difficulty will increase or decrease. The TB12 Method mobile app even syncs all your workout data with Apple Health, so you don’t have to cross-reference.

An important part of the TB12 Method is proper hydration. So, the TB12 Method mobile app has a hydration tracker to help you meet your goal every day. We recommend drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water a day, and the hydration tracker makes this easy. It calculates how many ounces of water you personally need to drink, and it lets you log an 8 ounce glass with one tap. When you meet your daily hydration goal, it will let you know. Plus, you’ll know exactly how much water you drink each day, so you can adjust your habits.

The TB12 Method mobile app also has an exclusive library full of guides and how-tos covering every aspect of the TB12 Method: pliabilityworkoutshydrationnutrition, and cognitive. In the library, you’ll find video walkthroughs, challenges, informational guides, delicious recipes, and how-tos from our TB12 Body Coaches. Learn how to kick your soda habit, get centered with meditation, and meal prep for easy plant-based dinners. The app’s Discover feed is your hub for all the latest TB12 updates.

The TB12 Method mobile app is your guide to following the TB12 Method and achieving sustained peak performance. Currently, the TB12 Method mobile app is available only on iOS and in the US and Canada. Android users who would like to sign up for the waitlist to receive updates can click here to add your email to the box at the the bottom of the page.

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