Fuel Up With TB12 Protein Powder

It’s time to stop spending $10 on protein shakes every day. No matter how good your intentions are, convenience can always get the best of you and cause you to splurge on a busy day. You might think it can’t be that much more expensive than if you bought all the fruit, protein, and yogurt yourself. Maybe you’re convinced it’s more delicious bought than homemade. Does this all sound familiar? The problem might be that you haven’t found the right protein powder yet. TB12™ Plant-Based Protein and TB12™ Whey Protein Isolate are the solutions to protein shake issues.

TB12™ Whey Protein Isolate

TB12™ Whey Protein Isolate is an unflavored powder that contains 91 percent protein, beating out protein concentrate, which is only 80 percent protein and is free of additives like sweeteners, fillers, or bulking agents, making it a pure and easy way to add protein to just about anything; toss some in your favorite smoothie, Açaí bowl, or protein ball batter.

TB12™ Plant-Based Protein

Peas shake up the protein game, which is why we developed TB12™ Plant-Based Protein. TB12™ Plant-Based Protein is a pure pea protein isolate powder without any preservatives, fillers, or artificial flavors, giving you all of what you need, and none of what you don’t. Always made with the highest-quality ingredients, our Plant-Based Protein is non-GMO, contains 24 grams of protein, 0 grams of sugar per serving, and comes in two great-tasting flavors: Chocolate and Vanilla. It conveniently mixes into anything from water to your morning smoothie — leaving a smooth texture and a clean, great taste.

Find Your Fuel

Not all protein is created equal. The quality of the protein matters, and greatly depends on its sourcing and processing. We formulate our protein powders with the highest-quality ingredients and minimize allergens and artificial ingredients. Find out which protein might be right for you and take the quiz below to help you find your fuel.


What do you like to mix your protein powder into?

Are you vegan?

Do you consume dairy?

What are your fitness and nutrition goals?

How often do you exercise per week?

What's your favorite flavor?

Is environmental sustainability a factor in your purchasing decisions?

Which Protein is Right For You?
Our Chocolate Flavored TB12™ Plant-Based Protein is the perfect choice for you! Click on the link below to learn more

Our Vanilla Flavored TB12™ Plant-Based Protein is the perfect choice for you! Click on the link below to learn more

Our TB12™ Whey Protein Isolate is the perfect choice for you, but you may also like the rich flavor of our TB12 Plant Based Protein! Click on the links below to learn more about both of our protein blends


Fuel Up

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