Get Serious with a Protein Powder Subscription

Don’t deprive your muscles of the post-workout nourishment they need. TB12™ Protein is the purest protein powder on the market today, and it gives you the protein boost you need without any unhealthy fillers. You might know how good it is for you, but sometimes, keeping up with the habit is half the battle. Instead of running out and forgetting to reorder, just subscribe. The TB12 Protein will arrive at your door every month, so you can always stay on top of your health. You’ll save some money, too!

The TB12 Protein Subscription helps you stay prepared and save some cash. For only $45 a month, you’ll get a tin of protein delivered right to your door every 30 days without fail. That one flat price includes tax and shipping, so you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. Everyone’s journey to sustained peak performance is different, so if you need to skip a month or cancel the subscription, you can do that any time you like.

With your first month’s delivery of the TB12 Protein Subscription, you’ll get a free TB12 BlenderBottle®! It’s 100 percent BPA-free, and comes with a handy wire whisk to mix your beverage with just a simple shake. The flip cap and carry loop make the bottle ultra convenient and portable. If you love taking your protein shakes with you on-the-go, this bottle is an absolute must.

Let’s talk about the protein powder. You won’t find protein this good anywhere else — it’s the purest of the pure. It’s all whey protein isolate powder, with absolutely no other protein types blended in there. It’s also free of additives, bulking agents, colors, sweeteners, and any other junk. TB12 Protein is approximately 91 percent protein, unlike other options like whey protein concentrate, which is typically only about 80 percent protein or less. Some protein powders on the market even go as low as 50 percent protein!

TB12 Protein powder is naturally one of the richest known sources of branched chain amino acids. These are leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Instead of being metabolized by the liver before they’re used, they’re taken up directly into skeletal muscles during exercise. So, they play a very important role in recovery after exercise, as they stimulate protein synthesis in the muscle.

TB12 Protein is NSF Certified for Sport®, which means you can be confident that it’s safe and permitted for use by major athletic organizations. The certification also ensures that all the nutritional benefits listed on the packaging are accurate and honest. No secrets here!

Even though TB12 Protein powder is a whey protein, it’s got virtually zero lactose, making it nice and easy to digest — even for those with lactose sensitivities. What’s more, TB12 Protein is gluten-free, sugar-free, fat-free, and has zero carbs. This gives you a complete protein source with no downsides, so you can focus on your performance.

Sign up for the TB12 Protein Subscription and get on top of your refueling game. Having a protein powder subscription will make your nutrition regimen easy. Between the protein powder and BlenderBottle, you’ll be well prepared for your busy day. Don’t let anything stop you!

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