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Golf is a Mental Game: Don’t Overthink It

  • 4 min read
  • May 2020
  • By Body Coach Chuck Gilman, PT, DPT

I’m sure we’ve all heard someone say “sports are 80% mental, 20% physical” at some point in our lives.  This is particularly true in the game of golf – a sport where it’s easy to overthink things to the point where we create new and bad habits, ultimately leading worse scores and lots of frustration. 

Anything in life is as complex or simple as we make it out to be. If something is complex and we break it down into simpler parts, we often will have much greater success – but we also don’t want to overanalyze something. In the game of golf, there are so many factors that can impact what we do on every single shot we take. Here are some examples:

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