Guide to Supplements for Athletes

As an athlete, you know better than anyone how important physical fitness is. Doing the right exercises, drinking enough water, and sticking to a nutritious diet are all very important to sports performance. Because you always need to be on top of your game, you may be wondering if taking supplements is right for you.

The big wide world of supplements can be confusing. Supplements can be very beneficial to athletes, but they need to be taken seriously. Here’s some tips to help you stay in control of your health and take supplements wisely.



Supplements are meant to add to a diet, not replace it. So, supplements are not a quick fix — fish oil pills aren’t the same as food with Omega-3s, just like multivitamins don’t feed you for the day!

Supplements fit into a balanced, complete diet. Athletes ask a lot of their bodies, so supplements can be a good addition to a healthy lifestyle. Your first priority should be incorporating a diversity of plant-based and nutrient-rich foods into your meals. Then, add supplements to your routine.


There are many different kinds of supplements out there, so it’s hard to know which ones are right for you. In general, athletes benefit from adding electrolytes to their water to replenish trace minerals. Protein powder, such as TB12™ Protein, is also a great choice for athletes and anyone else who wants an easy way to consume more protein.
Every athlete is unique, so apart from those two options, different supplements can fit the needs of different athletes. Before you decide which supplements to take, talk to your doctor. Your doctor can help you make sure the supplements you’re interested in don’t have any harmful effects on you due to medical conditions or medication interactions.


After you’ve decided on your supplements, make sure you choose high-quality, NSF Certified for Sport supplements. The quality of the supplements you take is completely in your hands, since they can be legally sold without prior approval from the FDA. Don’t worry, though, because NSF International has a certification program to help you. Supplements that are NSF Certified for Sport pass a series of health and safety tests, including testing for substances banned by major athletic organizations. Whether you’re a professional athlete or not, choosing supplements with the NSF Certified for Sport mark is a great way to make sure you’re staying healthy.

In addition to NSF certification, take a look at the inactive ingredients in your supplements. Those are things like fillers and colors. As appetizing as vitamins disguised as candy look, all the extra sugar, gelatin, and flavorings aren’t good for you. Read the label before you buy a supplement, and make sure it’s as natural as possible.


Supplements can be an important part of your athletic regimen as you work on your performance. Healthy eating and supplementation is part of the TB12 Method, a holistic lifestyle that transforms traditional training by incorporating muscle pliability work, hydration, nutrition, and cognitive exercises. The goal of the Method is to help athletes of all experience levels achieve their own sustained peak performance.

You can learn more about TB12 by downloading the TB12 Method mobile app and reading The TB12 Method: How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.


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