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3 Simple Ways to Start Forming Healthy Habits

  • 4 min read
  • April 2020
  • By Body Coach Deven Alves, MS, ATC

Think about the things you did today – your entire day is riddled with decisions: Do I take the stairs or the elevator? Should I have a salad for lunch or just eat a sandwich? Do I go for a run now, or just do it tomorrow? 

What you probably don’t even realize is how easy it is to get settled into this routine and how unconscious some of these questions become. It’s all a product of habit. A habit is something that is practiced so regularly that your brain develops a subconscious ability to perform the action. Habits can be a great thing, especially for those who adopt a habit of going to the gym everyday, or choosing to buy fruits & vegetables at the store instead of sweets. The problem with habits, though, is how easy it is to develop detrimental ones. You have to remain diligent and always be aware of the habits you’ve formed in order to avoid falling into a pattern of negative habits. 

Regardless of your goals – be it sports, job, physical health, mental health, or family – a habit is a powerful force that can help anyone achieve long term success. Question is: how can we form a sustainable habit that lines up with our goals? 

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