5 On-The-Go Training & Recovery Tips

What does Tom Brady do on vacation? Number one, he prepares and makes choices so that his pliability, training, and recovery program prospers. Healthy travel snacks, training equipment, and gear to support pliability are all a part of the approach.

For many, going on the road or on vacation can mean lost training and recovery days.  While it may seem logical to think of travel time as an opportunity to not stress about exercise and pliability and to take a total break, the science is clear: The toll on your fitness and health is huge.

In one 2018 study published in Diabetologia, 45 subjects that had been walking 10,000 or more steps per day were healthy in terms of metabolism. No diabetes, for example.  The cohort then reduced their number of steps per day to below 2000. Also, they each added three and a half hours to the amount of sitting they did daily.

“Every hour of every day in my life revolves around my job. That includes what I eat, what I drink when I plan my vacations, my travel destinations, and the training equipment I bring along with me.” — Tom Brady

They continued this reduction of steps and added sitting time for two weeks.

In just 14 days, participants suffered a series of unnerving consequences. They lost muscle, gained fat, lost cardiorespiratory fitness, and blood tests showed that they took a metabolic hit, suffering substantial decreases in whole-body insulin sensitivity and muscle insulin sensitivity. In short, signals that can correlate with being pre-diabetic. In two weeks of the exercise reduction, researchers said,  “There was a significant increase in total body fat, liver fat, and LDL-cholesterol.”

Reasons going on a work trip or vacation can trip you up: Disruption to routine, being away from a gym, not knowing where the right restaurants and grocery stores are.

Once you’re knocked out of a trusted pattern, internal resistance can arise and it becomes easy to make excuses and miss days. Which can lead to missing more days. And so on.

Why does Tom Brady take vacations with the mindset that adhering to his holistic approach to recovery, pliability, functional strength & conditioning, nutrition and hydration is a priority? Because he knows that sacrificing an optimal training schedule is akin to letting competitors get an advantage on him.

When it comes to what Tom Brady does on vacation, his guiding principle is this: “I’m committed to making every hour of every day count.”

Make Every Hour & Every Day Count

How can you make every hour of every day count, no matter how busy you are or whether you’re on the road? These five TB12 tactics will help you turn what could be downtime into health, fitness and performance gains.

1. Pack a gym in your bag

In your backpack, carry-on or in a tote, there’s always room to toss in one or more TB12 Resistance Bands that will allow you to perform functional strength & conditioning workouts anywhere, anytime.

2. Healthy Travel Snacks

Don’t hope that they the newsstand at the airport has healthy travel snacks for you to pluck. Being ready with your own snacks will help you navigate hunger, get the right nutrients to support your training and avoid breaking down and buying donuts. Be prepared.

3. Don’t Let Hydration Slump

Establishing and maintaining a baseline level of proper hydration is essential for recovery and pliability. You want to take the best electrolytes for air travel that you can.  TB12 Electrolytes come in a bottle that TSA will allow you to bring in a carry-on and make it easy to hydrate through the flight.  You can also continue to spike your water with electrolytes while on your trip. The goal? Avoiding dehydration so that muscular recovery and health is covered.

4. Stay pliable

When it comes to earning and retaining pliability, there are no days off. Packing our compact TB12 Vibrating Sphere into your bag or carry-on will allow you to take your pliability and recovery program with you wherever you go.

5. Back-up protein

If you’re going somewhere new for a short or extended stay, researching where you’ll eat and shop for food is a solid and smart practice. You don’t want to be getting your groceries from a convenience store. In particular, make sure you have a healthy option for protein supplementation so that you can support your muscle health, recovery and pliability.


Gyms that that can fit in your backpack: The TB12 On-the-Go Looped Band Kit and the TB12 Looped and Handle Band Kit.