How Important is Water?

With so many alternatives to water on the shelves today, you might be wondering if you need to drink it at all. Maybe you don’t drink much water throughout the day, but you feel fine. You might be asking “why do I need so much water?” How important is water, anyway?

In reality, nothing is as hydrating and healthy as still water, and our bodies desperately need it. Your body needs a lot more hydration than you might think, and drinking enough can change your life! Here’s why water is so important.



Your body’s lymphatic system works to fight infection and damage to the cells. It flushes out toxins and helps combat the negative effects of bad nutrition. In addition, the lymphatic system is over 95 percent water! If you don’t drink enough water, this system won’t work very efficiently. You need to supply your body with plenty of water so it can wash away irritants constantly and help keep you healthy.



You might’ve heard that your body is mostly water — and that’s true! Your body is between 60 and 80 percent water. So, water aids lots of important bodily functions, like metabolism, digestion, oxygenation of the bloodstream, brain function, and muscle function.

Even if you feel all right now, you’ll feel much better after a few days and weeks of increased hydration. You’ll be less susceptible to headaches, less irritable and anxious, and more lively overall. Try it out and see how you feel!



Hydration is very important to muscle health. Our muscles alone are 75 percent water, so keeping them hydrated is absolutely essential to their function. Without water, your muscles resemble a piece of beef jerky — dry and stiff. With proper hydration, your muscles are more energetic, dynamic, and strong. Working out and going about your day with dry muscles is detrimental to your health and fitness…so always make sure to properly hydrate!

So, the answer to “how important is hydration?” — very important!!



Our bodies need electrolytes to properly absorb and use the water we drink, especially when we’re frequently working out. We lose a lot of our natural minerals throughout the day, so it’s essential to replenish those electrolytes. Try TB12 Electrolytes, which include 72 trace minerals and are free of preservatives, sweeteners, or flavorings. Add them to any drink to make a healthy, hydrating sports drink!


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