How To Prevent a Sports Injury

For many athletes, pain and injury is all too familiar. You come home from every practice and ice your sore muscles, only to work them hard again the next day. You’re so used to it, it doesn’t even bother you anymore. You see professional athletes suffer an injury that puts them in rehab for weeks, or even months. Injury seems like a necessary evil in sports.

You might be wondering: “can I prevent sports injuries?” You don’t need to be told: getting hurt is no fun. Injured athletes often have immense rest time, which means a break from playing, or even risky surgery. This comes as a huge disappointment to dedicated athletes — you’ve worked too hard to stop now. It’s scary to think that every game could be your last due to an unexpected mishap.

What if there was a training regimen you could adopt to maximize your performance and effectively prevent sports injuries?



You can prevent sports injuries. And here’s how: increase your endurance via pliability work. Pliability is the key to maximizing performance and achieving a life of vitality.

You might’ve heard that tight, dense, and stiff muscles aren’t good. This is because they’re difficult to move fluidly and prone to injury. What you might not know is that weight lifting actually contributes to the tightening and stiffening of muscles. When athletes suffer an injury, they often believe it was caused by weak muscles that need to be strengthened through intense weight training. That’s incorrect, and it contributes to the vicious cycle of injury and rehab that’s too common among athletes.

Pliability is what our muscles need for 100 percent muscle pump function. Deep-force body work helps loosen stiff muscles and get them to the healthiest possible state: soft, long, and resilient — in other words, pliable.



There are two important changes you can make to your training to prevent injury: use resistance bands instead of weights, and do pliability work before and after working out. There are many ways to do pliability work, and it can be done with a partner or an assisted device like a TB12™ Vibrating Roller or Vibrating Sphere.

Resistance bands allow for strength training without overload on the muscles. Bands help your body train in a way that’s more appropriate for both everyday life and sports. Lifting weights results in a small, linear movement that’s not natural. Training with resistance bands lets you do a wide range of movements that mimic what you ask your body to do outside of the gym. The load on your muscles is less intense, and the results are more beneficial. Switching out the dumbbells for resistance bands does wonders on the body.


The TB12™ Sports Therapy Center in Foxboro, Massachusetts has Body Coaches that will work with you personally to help you prevent sports injuries and improve overall performance. Since 2013, TB12 Body Coaches have helped athletes of all levels work toward sustained peak performance and avoid getting hurt. They create a tailored exercise plan specific to each client’s situation and sport, and work with them closely to help them achieve their goals.

The Body Coaches use the TB12 Method, which believes in the power of pliability work and no-load strength training. The Method is a holistic lifestyle that includes hydration, nutrition, and cognitive work to help athletes achieve their own personal sustained peak performance.

If you suffer from soreness and are worried about injury, TB12 can help you. Contact [email protected] and ask about getting a session at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center. For more details about at-home pliability work and the TB12 Method, download the TB12 Method mobile app.


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