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Our Tips for Raising Kids to be Healthy Eaters

  • 4 min read
  • April 2020

For many parents, raising a child to a be healthy eater can be stressful and challenging. While the recommendations may be simple and straightforward, they can be tough to apply or even remember when a full-on tantrum is happening. 

As you read this, first figure out what you and your partner’s parental feeding styles are. They may not be the same – and that’s ok – as long as you present a cohesive front to the kids. Then, use the guidelines as your mantra, your fallback, and revert back to them as often as you can. Perhaps most importantly, always do the best you can and remember that it won’t always be sunshine and rainbows (chances are if you have kids you probably already know that!).


Serve Healthy Foods Regularly


Be a Role Model


Eat as a Family


Stick to a Schedule


Keep Familiar Foods Around


Be Adventurous


Let them Cook


Don't Avoid Dessert


Don't be Afraid to Close the Kitchen


Try New Foods

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