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Dr. William Li’s Keys to Achieving Longevity Through Your Favorite Foods

  • 4 min read
  • December 2020
  • By TB12 Team

A quick Google search of the term “longevity” will prompt a whole host of results centered on habits linked to a longer life, longevity as determined by your genetics, and even tools that supposedly function as “life expectancy calculators.” It is clear that as a society, we are infatuated with the idea of longevity – and for good reason! Living a longer, healthier life means enjoying more time with our loved ones, the ability to absorb more information and grow, and the opportunity to achieve our full potential.

But we don’t need a laundry list of funky tips and tricks to achieve longevity. The ability to throw our hats into the ring with some of the longest living people on the planet can be accomplished with support from certain eating habits as well as some of the foods that we consume every single day. While there is no single factor in our lives that can prevent sickness, there are some science-based ways in which you can enhance your longevity through food.

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