Making History: Becca Pizzi

Becca Pizzi made history as the first American woman to complete seven marathons on seven continents in seven days. She says her goal was to show her daughter “you can do anything you want if you believe in yourself.” Now, she’s training to do it all again.

During her first World Marathon Challenge, at mile two of marathon six, Becca tore her groin. She kept pushing through, inspired by the support from her Massachusetts community. She took it one mile at a time, unwilling to give up what she’d spent a year training for. Becca’s family watched as she crossed the finish line in Australia — their support and pride meant the world to her.

After her victory, Becca knew she needed to recover from her injury and prevent it from happening again. She was excited to team up with TB12 for help — she says it was a “huge step in the right direction.” She worked with her Body Coach, Deven, on rehabbing and preparing for the 2018 Challenge. Deven assisted her recovery with hands-on, deep-force muscle work to get her back to 100 percent muscle pump function. This not only helped her rebuild after her injury, but helped prime her for her next marathon and lower her likelihood of a repeat injury. After working with TB12, she now feels stronger and more confident, and has achieved a level of sustained peak performance she couldn’t have ever imagined before.

Follow Becca’s second seven-marathon journey on seven continents in seven days: just click here. See how far she’s come with help from TB12, and whether she becomes the first person in history to finish the Challenge twice.

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