Mental Toughness: How Tom Brady Keeps Going

Achieving peak performance starts with one thing: mental toughness.

Tom Brady knows all about success — like anyone, though, he also knows a thing or two about loss. How he handles failure makes all the difference. Here’s what Tom says about mental toughness and how he regroups after a lost game.


First, he doesn’t let anything break his focus. He acknowledges that keeping your head in the game doesn’t come naturally, but is key athletic and overall progress. “It’s a learned behavior that gets easier with practice,” says Tom. “It starts with realizing that your will to be better can always beat out natural skill.” Mental toughness is incredibly powerful, and it’s what gets Tom Brady to keep going.


Next, Tom believes in maintaining a positive mindset, even after a setback. After a lost game or a missed opportunity, it’s easy to feel like giving up. Although it’s a tempting prospect, it’s no way to move forward. “Losing at anything just provides an opportunity to do even better,” says Tom. With mental toughness, an injury or failure turns into an opportunity to get even better.



Mental toughness is the secret behind hard work. A lot goes into sustained peak performance, and Tom admits that at times, it can be difficult to stay motivated. “Is exercising easy? No,” Tom says. “Is eating healthy convenient? Certainly not.” It can be challenging to stay on top of your game, and it all boils down to the will to keep going. “The real challenge,” says Tom, “is finding the determination to keep doing it” — even when things aren’t going well. The mind is the control center, so Tom gives mental toughness the same attention he gives the rest of his body — and mental toughness makes his sustained peak performance that much better.



In addition to fostering a positive mindset, Tom values keeping his mind sharp. So, he incorporates brain training into his daily routine. “I utilize BrainHQ to constantly improve my ability to react on instinct,” says Tom. A daily brain exercise and mindfulness routine make a big difference. Tom thinks of it as part of his daily workout and pliability regimen. “I exercise my brain the same way I am my hamstring or chest,” he says. Some other great ways to nurture brain health include sleeping in quiet and comfortable conditions, using TB12™ BrainHQ exercises, and dedicating time to relaxation. Just like any other part of the body, the brain needs rest, too!

Mental toughness and cognitive wellness is a big part of the TB12 Method, Tom Brady and his Body Coach Alex Guerrero’s illustration of how Tom’s found success and achieved sustained peak performance. Learn more about the TB12 Method byreading The TB12 Method: How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance and exploring the TB12 Method mobile app, which has an extensive library of workouts, recipes, tips, and guides!

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Taking full control of your life starts with maintaining a healthy mind — for Tom Brady, and everyone else.


  • Mental toughness: Take advantage of challenges to grow and build resilience
  • Will over skill: Improvement is always in reach, regardless of the starting point
  • Train your brain: Exercise and rest the brain, just like the body

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