Peak Performer: Kevin Flike

Wounded By War, But Never Broken.

Kevin Flike was a Green Beret in the United States Army for seven years. On September 25, 2011, during his second deployment to Afghanistan, he was shot in the stomach and suffered several injuries, requiring multiple surgeries. He was left with a fractured hip, paralyzed left leg, and was medically retired due to his injuries.

After retirement, Kevin went to graduate school and started a family, which distracted from his injury recovery. As Kevin’s children got older and his daily pain worsened, he decided to devote serious focus to his fitness. So, he came to TB12 with the goal of increasing his mobility and reducing his pain.

His goals were certainly met. The pliability work he received from the TB12 Body Coaches made a considerable difference for Kevin’s pain level and overall quality of life. Much of his pain was coming from tightness in his muscles, so pliability work was a primary focus of his treatment.

Before coming to TB12, Kevin was on a nerve pain medication to treat the chronic pain he had after his gunshot wound and surgeries. The medication did help his nerve and muscle pain, but it left him tired and groggy throughout the day, prompting him to drink up to six cups of coffee a day. After attending sessions at TB12, he was in a less painful state, allowing him to stop taking the pain medication. “Before, all that coffee he was drinking was contributing to his pain,” says Kevin’s Body Coach. “So, it was kind of a chain reaction. We were able to bring down his pain, and he was able to get off his medication and lower his coffee intake, which has helped him maintain his pliability and significantly reduce his pain.”

Now, Kevin’s in better shape than he ever expected to be. He’s no longer in chronic pain and can now run and play with his kids. “After a few visits, the results were incredible,” says Kevin. “The more I visited, the better I felt. I was able to get off my medication, cut down on coffee, and drink nearly 120 ounces of water a day. My mental clarity and energy have significantly increased!”

Now, Kevin is committed to helping wounded veterans, their families, and anyone else who might benefit from hearing about his journey and path to physical, mental, and emotional healing.

Learn more about Kevin’s inspiring journey on his website, Wounded By War, and check out our other Peak Performers.

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