Plant-Based Pro Tips: Meal Prep

The phrase “meal prep” is thrown around a lot these days. Don’t overlook it, though, because preparing food for the week can bring serious benefits. If you’re trying to stick to a mostly plant-based diet, meal prep can be a powerful tool to help keep yourself on track. Here’s some quick and easy meal prep tips.



You’ve been there — a “20 minute” recipe could take 40 if you’re not a superstar chopper. Rushing while you’re chopping could lead to cuts or worse injuries, too.

Slicing and dicing your veggies at the beginning of the week will make for quick meals later. Toss them into a power bowl, steam them up for a side dish, or dip them in hummus for a snack. This will save you lots of time during the week, and will make it easier to eat your veggies.



You might be tempted to eat a lot of starchy foods, since they’re plant-based and filling. They don’t provide much benefit, though! To get the same texture that starch adds to a plate, try some healthier options like quinoa and brown rice. Sometimes they take a little while to cook, so doing it ahead of time is a huge help. Pre-cooking them will make them easy to reach for, and you won’t be tempted to throw spaghetti on the stove.



Store-bought sauces are often full of sugar and other chemicals, but the convenience they provide can be too tempting to pass up. It’s important to resist these sauces and dressings, though, especially since you can get great flavor from making your own healthy sauces.

If you whip up some plant-based sauces over the weekend, you’ll have plenty to use with your meals during the week. That way, you get that same convenience of a store-bought sauce without all the junk.



If you’d like all this prep done for you, try a meal delivery service! Check out TB12 Performance Meals. They’re delivered right to your door weekly, and you get three high-protein, plant-based recipes per box. Each ingredient is portioned out for you, so the prepping is done when it arrives! That makes it quick and easy to cook up. Each recipe is individually approved to be TB12-aligned as well, so you know that what you’re eating is both full of nutrients and delicious.

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