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Boost Your Endurance with a Plant-Based Pre-Workout Supplement

  • 4 min read
  • January 2020
  • By TB12 Staff

How you fuel your body before a workout directly impacts your ability to perform during the workout. Many people get their pre-workout energy from nutrient-rich foods (like fruits and veggies), while others consume pre-workout supplements — often loaded with caffeine —  to provide a boost of energy that can kick their workout into high gear.


Only Two Ingredients


No Jitters or Tingles


No Crash


Proven Results


No Additives

Pre-workout supplementation can be a great way to jump-start your workouts, but skip the stuff that makes you tingle or feel jittery. You don’t need it. If you want a pre-workout blend that’ll work as hard as you do – without the crash – try a plant-based option like VitalFit’s RedRoot.

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