Prehab 24/7: Davey Emala of Major League Lacrosse

When there’s this much going for you, stopping isn’t an option. Davey Emala is a lacrosse player heading into his fourth season with Major League Lacrosse. His elbow has been bothering him throughout his career, and he got fed up with the traditional “rest, ice, repeat” prescription. He came into the TB12™ Sports Therapy Center for his first pliability session with TB12 Body Coach Jordan. After just one session, Davey felt so much better that he was motivated to go all-in with the TB12 Method.

When Davey started training at the Center, TB12 co-founder Alex Guerrero saw him working with a resisted stick, and pushed him to go faster and train at the speed of sport. Now, Davey simulates what he does on the field with resisted exercises and interval-based training. “I was huffing and puffing, I really felt like I was getting a good workout in” Davey says.

Davey is training for more than just the upcoming Cannons season. He headed home to America’s lacrosse hub, Baltimore, to start the tryout process for Team USA. A lot goes into making the team and keeping up his performance during the season, so Davey knows he needs to prepare, perform, and recover the right way. He’s committed himself fully to the TB12 Method 24/7 to make sure he’s able to achieve sustained peak performance.


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