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Six Ways to Reduce Your Screen Time (And Why You Should)

  • 4 min read
  • May 2020
  • By Body Coach Rebecca Coutts, PT, DPT, CSCS

The average American is surrounded by screens almost all day – between your work computer, personal smartphone or tablet, and the living room television, screens are impossible to escape. It’s not uncommon to take a break from staring at a computer screen during the work day to check in on your Instagram or Facebook feeds. Once the work day ends, millions of people will spend their evening hours binging on the next hit Netflix series and playing games on their smartphones or gaming consoles.

Recent studies have found the average smartphone user spends over 3 hours on the phone each day, with the top 20% of users spending over 4.5 hrs a day looking at their phone screen. Although technology allows us to stay connected and provides tremendous benefits, it can also have negative consequences if used excessively. 


Set or Check the Limits on your Screen Time Setting


Turn Off Non-Essential Notifications


Delete Time Wasting Apps


Keep Your Phone Out of Your Bedroom


Get Outside and Exercise



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