Set Up Perfect Home Gym

No one can deny it: home gyms sound great. It’d be so much easier to stick to a workout schedule if you had your own gym. No travel time, no communal showers, no hours of operation. Although it’s ideal, most people don’t have the space or the funds for a personal gym — at least, they think they don’t!

Setting up a home gym is easier than it seems. You don’t need to buy any expensive or heavy equipment — not even weights! In reality, you only need a few pieces of lightweight and portable gear for a full gym.



Resistance bands are your key to a whole new world of exercising. Once you try them, you’ll never go back to traditional weight training.

Bands are great for muscles. They allow for a long, fluid range of motion that closely resembles movements in sports and everyday life. They enable you to build strength without intense load on your muscles, which can lead to injury.

Resistance bands are not only extremely effective workout tools, they also are versatile, and can be used for many different exercises. They can be used to target specific parts of the body, and they can add challenge to common movements like jumping jacks and push-ups. With a few resistance bands, you’ll be all set for any kind of workout. You can even use interval-based training to add cardio. The TB12 Method mobile app has lots of resistance band workouts with both cardio and strength for you to try!

So, a good set of resistance bands is all you need for a full gym! They’re number one when it comes to easy home gym ideas. You don’t need to dedicate your entire basement to them, they’re light enough to transport, and they don’t take up much space at all. They make the perfect home gym!



The TB12™ Shoulder Performance Kit of handle bands and Pro Looped Band Kit of looped bands both include high-quality resistance bands in several resistance levels. They’re perfect for home use, because they also come with a portable door anchor and sturdy carabiners. The wall anchor opens up even more exercise possibilities, and it takes up minimal space. Both kits come with a bag for easy storage. You’ll have a home gym that you can carry over your shoulder!

Resistance bands are the solution for everyone who dreams of having a home gym. They’re lightweight, portable, and more effective and versatile than heavy gear. Your friends will be asking you what your secret is!


Resistance band training is part of the TB12 Method, a holistic approach to training and living for sustained peak performance. For resistance band exercises and more about the TB12 Method, download the TB12 Method mobile app and read The TB12 Method: How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.

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