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TB12 Summer Workout Guide

  • 3 min read
  • June 2020
  • By TB12 Team

WITH SUMMER travel and summer vacation, there’s a tendency to overindulge on treats and skip workouts to enjoy time with family and friends. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t have any downtime or shouldn’t enjoy your favorite food fresh off the grill — it’s all about balance and doing everything in moderation.

A few days of junky foods, alcohol, or staying up later than expected isn’t going to ruin the foundation that you’ve built before the summer – the summertime should be fun and we want it to stay that way, so here are a few simple ways to keep yourself in shape and healthy during the summer months:


Band Resisted Squat


Single Leg Glute Bridge


Band Deadlifts


Front Plank With Shoulder Press


Squat to Chest Press


Reverse Core Angel


Band Pull Aparts


Band Core Rotation

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