Hydration Tips for Soda Drinkers

Everyone knows it: there’s nothing more hydrating than still water. This well-known fact is not up for debate, yet we still see cola and lemon-lime soda everywhere we look. It’s easy to make excuses for ourselves: this soda is “diet,” this drink is labeled as “naturally flavored,” it’s okay to only have one or two sodas a day. The biggest excuse, however, is this: plain water “doesn’t taste good.”

For soda drinkers, water is boring. It can be hard to transition off of drinking a sweet, flavorful beverage when the alternative is tasteless. The benefits of switching from soda to water are well worth the effort, though. Not only is soda full of chemicals, but it’s also dehydrating! Here are some tips to help soda lovers kick the habit and drink more water.



There are plenty of water flavoring products out there, but there’s no guarantee those will have less chemicals and additives than soda! No matter how “natural” a flavoring claims to be, it’ll never beat squeezing some fresh juice right from the fruit.

Adding some fresh fruit juice to water is a great way to make it more interesting without sacrificing health. Fresh lemons or limes get the job done, and are easy to keep around the house and squeeze right into a glass. Those aren’t the only options, though! Grapefruit and pineapple are good choices as well. With plenty of fruit to choose from, it’s easy to find a favorite, add variety, and even mix flavors! You’ll feel much better after switching off the artificial flavorings and chemicals in soda.



Carbonated water might seem like a good option, especially given the number of home carbonation machines on the market. Fizzy water, like sparkling water, seltzer water, and club soda, unfortunately has several drawbacks that make it less than a healthy choice.

Carbonated water contains less oxygen than still water. It’s also slightly more acidic than plain water, and in many cases it’s actually dehydrating! That makes it detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.

In the interest of hydration, it’s best to stick with still water as much as possible.



If you dislike how water tastes, you might be wondering how to drink more water throughout the day, every single day. It might be hard to bring yourself to drink a lot of it at once. Instead of waiting for lunch or dinner time to have a glass, try to space out your water consumption across the entire day. It’ll be easier to drink in smaller bursts, and that’s actually how to stay hydrated overall. To start, try to drink one glass every two or so hours.

To help you keep track of your daily water consumption, the TB12 Method mobile app has a hydration tracker. You can easily log every glass of water you drink with one tap, and hold yourself accountable to really drink more water.



Electrolytes enable your body to fully absorb the water you drink. To maximize your hydration levels and get the most out of switching off soda, add some electrolytes to your water. Pick up TB12 Electrolytes, which are all-natural and free of additives or flavorings, and feel the difference yourself.


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