TB12 101: Our Beliefs

Whether you’re a professional athlete or simply want to stay active, our approach at TB12 is centered around a holistic philosophy to health and wellness that uses resistance band workouts and nutrition plans to help you do what you love, longer.

It isn’t just a training regime or diet — it is a balanced approach to living that gets you ready for your day, every day. We do this by focusing on deep-force pliability work, no-load strength & conditioning, hydration, nutrition, and cognitive performance training.

Train Your Best. Live Your Best.

Your body isn’t just an assortment of parts, it’s a connected system that functions as a whole, so you should treat it that way.


Pliability is the core of TB12. Through deep-force muscle work, pliability turns short, dense muscles into long, soft, and resilient muscles that are built for life. We use our muscles all day, every day, so naturally, they wear down — losing muscle pump function, causing soreness or stiffness, and becoming more susceptible to injury. But pliability primes your muscles to absorb and disperse forces — in sport and daily life — so you can achieve more and avoid injury.


You can’t train slowly and then expected to move fast. Traditional strength training often consists of slow, methodical movements that help you get stronger, but don’t build functional strength. To build strong, fast-moving muscles, we use resistance bands for no-load strength and conditioning workouts that provide a long, fluid range of motion allowing your body to mimic the movements that you do in your sport and your daily life. You should develop the optimal strength that you need to do the job your body does every day.


Our bodies are between 60 and 80 percent water, so proper hydration must be the foundation for our overall health. Nothing is as hydrating as water, but water alone isn’t always enough. We lose many of our body’s natural minerals throughout the day, so it’s essential to replenish them. Electrolytes help refuel the minerals your body needs especially when you’re frequently working out. If your body is like a car, electrolytes are like motor oil — it doesn’t make the engine run, but it without it, it can’t perform at its peak.


A healthy diet is a balanced diet. That’s why we emphasize eating a seasonal diet filled with an abundance of vegetables, fruits, and lean meats. Food is our body’s fuel and you’ll only get as much out of your body as you’ll put into it. You can’t train or recover well if you deprive your body of the right nutrients. So prioritizing local, nutrient-rich whole foods is critical. We each have one body and one life — treat it with respect.


To have a healthy body, you need a healthy mind. This is the key to achieving the balanced, holistic lifestyle that TB12 works toward. We should spend the time and energy training our brains the same way we do our muscles. That starts by changing the amount of media we consume and our sleep habits to keep us focused and disciplined. Then, we can start to build mental toughness to push through any mental barriers in our way.

Most of all, we believe in moderation in all things and a healthy mind-body balance. Any one of these core beliefs can be taken alone, but the more you incorporate, the better the results.


Get Moving