TB12 101: Pliability

We believe pliability is the core of TB12.

It’s a vicious cycle: work out, compete hard, get injured, go to the doctor, get treatment, compete hard again, get injured again.

Many view this cycle as inevitable — but what if we broke that cycle?

We use our muscles all day, every day, so naturally, they wear down — losing muscle pump function, causing soreness or stiffness, and becoming more susceptible to injury. Instead of accepting this as inevitable, we use pliability training to prime your muscles to absorb and disperse daily forces so that you can achieve more and avoid injury.

Pliability“Pliability is the crucial missing leg that will complete and complement your workouts,” Tom Brady explains.

It works to turn short, dense muscles into long, soft, and resilient muscles that are built for life through deep-force muscle work. This can be administered by a TB12 Body Coach or at-home using devices like the TB12 Vibrating Pliability Roller or Sphere.

The rhythmic motion from deep-force muscle work sends signals throughout your muscles stimulating neural pathways and creating a new mind-body connection called neuromuscular re-education, a critical component for making progress with pliability work.

Pliability isn’t the same as flexibility, it is all about maximizing your performance and training your body to prevent injury. While stretching helps lengthen your muscles, it does not soften them. Too much stretching can make your ligaments too loose, which can lead to injury, but pliability gives you more benefits and has fewer drawbacks than stretching making pliability work beneficial as pre- and post-workout to stay safe and get the most out of our bodies.

Want to dive deeper on pliability? Get started with our TB12 Pliability Starter Kit.

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