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You can’t train slow and expect to move fast.

Traditional strength training relies primarily on methodically lifting heavy weights to get stronger and bigger — but bigger isn’t always better. Big, bulky muscles can be too dense, making them stiff and resistant to movement, slowing them down and leaving them susceptible to injury.

That is why we use resistance bands in our strength and conditioning training.

Resistance bands are strong, versatile, and long-lasting equipment that can turn anywhere into your own gym and allow you to work any muscle group you’re targeting. No-load strength workouts with bands provide a long, fluid range of motion, to mimic the movements that you do in daily life.


Everyone is different, so your workouts should be too. That is why we design unique resistance band workout programs for each of our clients focused on helping them achieve their personal goals because you should be developing the optimal strength that you need for your every day.

Our goal isn’t maximum strength, it’s optimum strength and maximum functionality. We believe in preparing your body for the task you’re asking it to do and then allowing it to sustain that action in the long-term. Endurance without injury is the winning combination.


You can do band-specific workouts like the resisted reverse lunge demonstrated in the video below, or you can add bands to your current workouts for an extra challenge. Your workouts should fit your needs, whether you’re a professional athlete or just starting to be more active.


Get the bands you’ll need to perform any functional, no-load resistance exercise. The TB12™ Looped Resistance Bands are available in 4 different tensile strength levels (Light, Medium, Heavy, and Extra Heavy) and 2 different sizes (13″ and 41″) to support exercises targeting all muscle groups. These bands are seamless – pressed together rather than glued at a seam – meaning they can stand up to the toughest workouts and the test of time. These are the same bands used daily by Tom Brady and by all clients at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center in Foxboro.

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