Tori Stayed On The Ice

A doctor told Tori she’d have to quit skating. She had another idea.

Tori is a competitive figure skater who suffered stress fractures in both her ankles. When a doctor told her to quit the sport due to her fractures, she was determined to find a way to recover and keep skating. The TB12™ Method is the solution Tori needed.

Tori worked with her body coach, David, at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center to recover from her stress fractures and reduce the risk of future injury. Even though she was told to give up, her muscle pliability work and training kept her on the ice. Following the TB12 Method also better equipped her for a championship competition in 2013, as it helped her get into positions she couldn’t maneuver before.

Tori continues to train at the Center regularly and live the Method every day at home. She’s achieved sustained peak performance, and keeps up her lifestyle to work toward her goal of becoming a world class competitive figure skater.

Watch Tori tell her story.

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