TB12 — Break The Cycle

We’re part of a broken system.

The conventional athletic system is broken. Athletes are stuck in a vicious cycle of injury and rehab and set in the belief that strength training is the only way to succeed. We shift the way athletes think about preparation, training, and recovery so your season never has to end.

Pliability — The Missing Link

We use our muscles all day, every day — so naturally, they wear down.

If you follow traditional workout training regimes, your muscles get bulky, dense, and tight. While you’re getting stronger, you’re also causing soreness, stiffness, and making yourself more susceptible to injury. That is why we focus our training around muscle pliability work.

Muscle pliability work softens and lengthens your muscles by rhythmically contracting and relaxing your muscle while moving. This is not a passive massaging of your muscles — this is an active process that helps your muscles become resilient, react quickly, and move through full ranges of motion. This not only helps your body recover faster but also avoid injury so that you’re always able to perform at your best.

Get Pliable

Workouts That Fit Your Needs

Everybody is different, so your workouts should be too.

Traditional strength training often consists of slow, methodical movements that help you get bigger and stronger, but we know that real strength isn’t bulk — it’s functional strength. That’s why we design functional strength & conditioning workouts using resistance bands.

Resistance bands are one of the best tools that you can use to build strength without the risk of becoming slow, stiff, and bulky because they provide you with a long, fluid range of motion allowing your body to mimic the movements that it does every day — rather than just improving your ability to do specific gym exercises. Our goal isn’t to achieve maximum strength, it’s optimum strength with maximum functionality.