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Meet TB12 Client and Elite Ultramarathon Runner Evren

  • 4 min read
  • September 2020
  • By TB12 Team

Meet Evren, a TB12 Client and elite ultramarathoner with a passion for pushing his mind and body to the limit. Evren recently completed a 50k race – an intense event covering 31 miles of trails and elevation – and that’s the shortest race on his upcoming schedule. 

With a 50 mile ultramarathon fast approaching in early October, and a 90 mile event in early 2021 on the horizon, it’s more important than ever for Evren to take care of his body and stay pain-free. That’s where TB12 comes in.

“I’m getting older, and yet I’m running more miles and longer races than I ever have before. Not only is my body not breaking down, but I’m actually getting stronger.”

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