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Staying pliable, working out, hydrating, eating right, and centering yourself can be hard to juggle — especially if you’re doing it all on your own. If you’re eager to meet like-minded people who understand this balance, consider exploring the TB12™ Peak Performer Forum! Through this exclusive Facebook group, members can share and discuss their progress with other people — from high school athletes to 9-5er’s — following the TB12 Method, just like you.

Our TB12 Body Coaches will be there to answer your questions and give advice about anything from workouts, recipes, and hydration to proper form, new product releases, and general support! If coming to the TB12 Sports Therapy Center isn’t an option, and your question got lost in the Turf Time chat, this is the perfect place for you. The Body Coaches and community are there to support you in your journey to sustained peak performance.

In the Peak Performer Forum, you’ll see how other people live the Method by sharing tips and tricks with athletes and weekend warriors near and far. Discuss workout routines, pliability progress, hydration tips, favorite TB12-aligned meals, and mental toughness. Comment, share and discuss all things TB12 with the support of other Peak Performers from around the world.

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