TB12 Holiday Workout Guide

When the holidays roll around, there’s a tendency to overindulge on treats and skip workouts to enjoy time with family and friends. We aren’t saying you shouldn’t have any downtime or shouldn’t enjoy your favorite holiday dish — it’s all about balance and doing everything in moderation.

A few days of having more sweets, alcohol, or staying up later than expected isn’t going to ruin the foundation that you’ve built before the holidays. The holidays should be fun, and we want them to stay that way, so here are a few simple ways to sneak in your workout between holiday travel and meals.

Bring Your Bands

If you are traveling, don’t leave your gear behind. Resistance bands easily pack away in your luggage so you can get a quick workout in anywhere, anytime — no gym required.

Schedule in Rest

You don’t have to overdo it. Rest and recovery are critical to your training at all times of the year. During the holidays, use time with family and friends as a time for rest and relaxation — or you can spend quality time with loved ones with a group workout!

Get It Done

It’s hard to find time to workout throughout the holidays — you’re busy with family, friends, holiday parties, holiday shopping, etc. To ensure that you are getting your workouts in but aren’t stressed about having to workout five days a week, we’ve created a workout playlist to help you navigate the holiday season while having fun and staying fit.

This plan is designed for you to do each exercise two to three times per week, with a hard and fast intensity — your holiday workouts are about the quality of the exercise, not the frequency.


Get Started

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Body Coach Joseph Koudelka is a licensed Physical Therapist with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and has been a part of the TB12 team since July 2017.


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