Keep Going

TB12 is inspired by a mindset of accepting no limits


Our comprehensive approach to health and wellness integrates revolutionary concepts in deep-force muscle pliability work, hydration, nutrition, functional strength & conditioning, and cognitive health. The TB12 lifestyle empowers athletes everywhere to improve longevity, prevent injury, and do what they love better and for longer. We believe that when your mind and body are ready for anything, you’ll have the confidence to take on everything.

The conventional athletic system is broken


Muscle pliability work softens and lengthens your muscles by rhythmically contracting and relaxing your muscle while moving. This is not a passive massaging of your muscles — this is an active process that helps your muscles become resilient, react quickly, and move through full ranges of motion. This not only helps your body recover faster but also avoid injury so that you’re always able to perform at your best.


Everybody is different, so your workouts should be too. That’s why we design our functional strength & conditioning workouts using resistance bands, and emphasize the importance of performing functional movements at the speed of sport. Traditional strength training often consists of slow, methodical movements that help you get bigger and stronger, and while these exercises are beneficial, they often neglect speed and functionality. At TB12, we believe that the exercises you do should directly prepare you for game and life-specific movements.


YOUR performance is the result of every decision you make




From the water you drink, to the food you eat, to the exercises you perform, to the sleep you get — every choice is important. We provide comprehensive guidance to help you make the most of each moment.

Food is your body’s fuel and you’ll only get as much out of your body as you’ll put into it. That’s why we prioritize eating local, nutrient-rich whole foods like organic fruits and vegetables and hormone-free, antibiotic-free lean meats. If you do not eat meat or other animal-based protein sources, you can still get adequate protein through plant-based sources like tree nuts, seeds, and plant-based protein supplements.

Our bodies are nearly 60 percent water. If more than half of our body is water, then proper hydration must be the foundation for our overall health. Proper hydration aids in brain and muscle function since our brain and our muscles alone are nearly 75 percent water making proper hydration essential for cognitive and physical performance.


It starts and ends with you


One of the most identifiable characteristics of a great leader is the ability to remain calm in high-pressure situations. This may seem like a trait that you are either born with or will never have, but it is actually a learned skill. By staying calm and composed, you gain a competitive advantage to be successful. This is the secret behind building mental toughness — and mental toughness is the secret behind greatness.

tb12. Keep Going.