TB12 Turf Time: Live

TB12™ Turf Time brings our exclusive workouts to you at home through Facebook Live every Tuesday at 5:30pm EST. Follow along as our professional TB12 Body Coaches lead you through different workouts each week. These TB12 exercise routines activate your whole body with a focus on a specific muscle group. Every workout includes interval-based training and at-home pre- and post-workout pliability to give you a true TB12 experience. There’s a different theme each week, such as the “Back on the Road” series for runners and the “Back to Basics” special for beginners just getting started. Some Turf Time themes will have multiple levels — they’ll build on the previous week and increase in difficulty. Tune in each week to improve your stamina and take yourself to the next level!

Body Coach Bryan Hart (MS, ATC, LAT) hosts Turf Time every week and answers your questions live as he leads the workout. He talks about hydration, nutrition, pliability, and everything else TB12-related you can think of! Other Body Coaches will be watching the stream with you and answering your questions in the chat below the video. This is a great opportunity to interact with both the TB12 community and the Body Coaches!

Our Body Coaches have years of experience working with pro athletes, and now you have the chance to learn from them in this exclusive environment!

Watch TB12 Turf Time

After Turf Time airs, follow up in the TB12 Method mobile app. There’s weekly workout series, Body Coach’s Corner videos, and lots more tips and tricks to help you stay accountable. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from the best to become your best.

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