The Go-To Snack Tom Brady Always Keeps Hand On

When you’re working on achieving sustained peak performance, you try to leave nothing to chance. You get eight hours of sleep every night, and plan your schedule so nothing can derail your day. Every once in a while, though, hunger strikes fast and furious, and it can throw off any plan. You can start to feel distracted, tired, and willing to reach for any snack to make sure you come back to life and stay on track. That’s why your gym bag isn’t complete without TB12 Protein Bars.

TB12 Protein Bars are the perfect snacks before or after a workout because they contain at least 20 grams of vegan protein. That’s more than twice the amount in some other protein bars! They’re raw, vegan, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free, which means that most of what you’re eating is just straight protein. Plus, there are no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, so they’re really filled with all the good stuff.

Whether you prefer sweet or spicy, there’s a flavor you’ll love, like Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Lemon. Don’t worry about the packaging, either — each bar comes in a reusable, snack-sized bag made from biodegradable rice paper. Take TB12 Protein Bars with you everywhere like Tom Brady does, and you’ll curb your snack cravings the right way.