The Pliability Secret Your Upper Body Needs

You’ve committed to working on your pliability routine — you’ve got your Vibrating Roller, the TB12 Method mobile app, and the will to commit time and energy to working your body until you see results. The next thing you need? The TB12 Vibrating Sphere, which helps you focus on your upper body during at-home pliability work. Here’s why:

  1. Body coaches love it. It’s used by body coaches at the TB12 Sports Therapy Center. Although working with a body coach is an unparalleled experience, the Vibrating Sphere allows for effective at-home pliability. Between that and the TB12 Method mobile app’s “My Plan” section, you’ve got everything you need to brush up your pliability outside of the TB12 Sports Therapy Center.
  2. It’s portable. The Vibrating Sphere lets you do at-home pliability work at the gym, while traveling, on the field, or anywhere life takes you. Never worry about missing a workout!
  3. It’s hyper-focused on your upper body. If you’re like most people, you carry a lot of tension in your upper body, from your neck to your lower back. Simple things like sitting all day at work or getting in and out of a car can exacerbate that tension — and that’s before you add on the strain of a tough workout! Having the TB12 Vibrating Sphere to focus on creating pliability and relieving that tension, specifically in your upper body, can make a huge difference in how you feel and perform.
  4. It’s adjustable. The TB12 Vibrating Sphere has three speeds so you can maximize the effectiveness of your pliability work. Varying the level of stimulation during your at-home pliability sessions is crucial. Sticking with one vibration speed time after time wouldn’t be as effective, as it doesn’t properly improve neuromuscular reeducation. The ability to increase and decrease the intensity of stimulus really matters. Don’t worry about this draining the battery…it’s rechargeable, so you won’t have to replace it.
  5. It feels really good. Anyone who has ever taken a tennis ball or lacrosse ball to their upper body after a tough workout to try to beat some of their soreness knows what we’re talking about. While it’s built to do serious work on your muscles, the vibrations cause positive trauma that brings serious rewards. You’ll start feeling better and better as you use it.