The Power of Mindset: Davey Emala

“It’s the little things that, for me, aren’t gonna stop.” In Davey Emala’s second Peak Performer episode, you’ll see how he stays on top of his nonstop regimen. As a Major League Lacrosse player and a Team USA hopeful, he’s got a lot to handle — and he takes it in stride.

He recently returned from Baltimore, where he started the U.S. Indoor Lacrosse tryout process. He had to be on top of his game, and couldn’t afford to miss a thing. “The cool thing about Baltimore…was that every time we’re all on the field, it’s extremely competitive,” says Davey. “[It was all] guys who wanna play to the best of their ability, because at the end of the day, it is a USA tryout process.”

He came straight back from Baltimore to put all he has into his team. “I want to do whatever I possibly can to help our team win,” says Davey. “If everybody comes with the right mindset and the right attitude, you experience something special.”

For Davey, the season just keeps going. “You can see how our schedule never really stops,” he says. He’s constantly training, practicing, playing, and working on his pliability. He’s able to handle this fast-paced, high-demand lifestyle thanks to the TB12™ Method. Davey’s committed himself to all aspects of the Method — from pliability work to nutrition to hydration — and now he’s doing more than he ever thought possible. He’s really achieved his personal version of sustained peak performance.


The Peak Performer series tells the true stories of athletes who followed the TB12 Method in order to accomplish their goals and achieve sustained peak performance. You’ll see their individual journeys and learn what being a peak performer means to each of them. Download the TB12 Method mobile app to see more true stories like this one.

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