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Tom’s Tips for Success on the Road

  • 4 min read
  • May 2021
  • By Tom Brady

It’s one thing to be able to win at home with 70,000 fans cheering you on, but it’s another challenge entirely to do it on the road. So much of my career success has been defined by winning big games away from home – even just this year, we had to win three straight road playoff games to earn the chance to come back home and play for a Super Bowl in Tampa.

It probably won’t surprise anyone reading this to hear how important preparation is to me in nearly everything I do, on and off the field. Thanks to 21 seasons (and 168 regular season road games) in the NFL, I’ve developed healthy travel habits that help me consistently perform at the top of my game. These are foundational principles that help me power through the stress and discomfort that comes along with long flights, hotel rooms, and life on the road. 

These may be tips from an NFL player, but much like the TB12 Method itself, that doesn’t mean they only apply to elite athletes. My approach is simple, and whether you’re a marathoner traveling to a new city for a race, a busy professional out on the road, or a parent in need of a getaway, I know that my approach can work for you too. Here’s how I do it:


It All Starts With Pliability


Always Make Time for Hydration


How I Snack on the Road


Mastering My Sleep


Always Bring Bands


Don't Forget to Pack a Winning Mindset

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