Transition from Weights to Resistance Bands

You might’ve heard about how beneficial resistance bands are. Many athletes are surprised to see how much better resistance bands work their bodies than weights. If you’ve already gotten used to working out with weights (like many athletes) the transition to resistance bands may be a challenge. Here are some workouts you can do to help yourself get used to using bands instead of weights.

All of these workouts are typically performed using heavy weight, but you can make them interval-based and mimic what a traditional weight-based workout looks like.



You can add a resistance band to a regular push-up for a more challenging exercise. This movement allows you to work against your body weight with some added resistance.

Get into a push-up position, paying close attention to your form. Put a looped band over your back and and under your armpits, with each end under each of your palms. From here, without compromising form, do six or seven push-ups as explosively as possible.



This is a typical weight exercise that can be done with a resistance band. Switch out your dumbbells for a looped band!

To add a looped band to your regular squats, step on the band and hold it in your hands. Pull it up to your shoulders, then straighten out your arms to hold it overhead with a wide grip. From here, perform your squat, being sure to retain proper form.



This is another exercise that normally involves weights. With this movement, you’re able to achieve all the good effects of a dead lift by using a looped band.

Step on the band with both feet. Hold each end in your hands and get into a squat position. Then, push your hips forward and stand up straight, pulling on the bands and keeping your arms straight. Do this quickly and explosively.



These are only a few of the many exercises you can do with resistance bands! For more ideas, along with video demonstrations, try the TB12 Method mobile app. It even has a custom workout planner! It’ll pick new workouts for you each day, specific to your needs and experience level. In addition, there are lots of exercises in The TB12 Method: How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance!


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