Treat Carpal Tunnel Symptoms at Home

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a frustrating nerve condition that causes tingling, numbness, and pain in the wrist and hand. Moving and shaking your hand can improve these symptoms temporarily, but does not actually improve the syndrome. If you suffer from carpal tunnel and need a real way to relieve your symptoms, look no further. Don’t wear an uncomfortable brace or make inconvenient changes to your normal routine. Instead, try this effective and reliable method to treat carpal tunnel at home — it’ll minimize your pain and other uncomfortable symptoms.



Carpal tunnel is caused by compression of the median nerve within the carpal tunnel. There’s a ligament on the palmar surface of the hand that attaches to your wrist bones and forms a tunnel referred to as the carpal tunnel. Nerves and muscles that bend your wrist and fingers go through the carpal tunnel, one of which being the median nerve. When your median nerve is condensed, it causes pain, paresthesias, numbness, and weakness in the entire nerve distribution, which goes throughout the hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome commonly occurs in people who are performing repetitive movements with their hands and wrists like typing on a computer, performing manual labor, or working with heavy equipment that requires a powerful grip. Whatever the cause, there’s a treatment you can easily perform at home to reduce your symptoms and discomfort for good.



To treat your carpal tunnel symptoms, you can perform at-home pliability work to create long, lean muscles capable of fully contracting and relaxing. Pliability work is an effective and reliable way to get your muscles to 100 percent muscle pump function. In this case, you’ll be working on the muscles in your wrist and forearm, which will ultimately treat your uncomfortable and painful carpal tunnel symptoms. It really works — see for yourself!

There’s a few ways to do this at home. You can ask a friend or family member to perform the deep-force body work for you, which we call “partner pliability.” We offer TB12™ Pliability Lotion to help optimize partner pliability! You can also treat yourself with the help of a TB12 Vibrating Roller or Vibrating Sphere. Both methods deliver serious improvement and can be done at home without any medication or down time.

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To learn how to perform at-home pliability work to treat carpal tunnel symptoms, watch our Body Coach’s Corner video by our TB12 Body Coach, Joe.

Before you start this treatment, it’s a good idea to get diagnosed by a professional. There are other potential causes for the same kind of symptoms, so you can’t always assume your symptoms are from carpal tunnel syndrome. If your tingling, numbness, and pain are being caused by a different issue, this treatment will not be very helpful. That being said, if you know you have carpal tunnel, go ahead and start this treatment right away.



If you’re interested in reducing your body’s overall inflammation, check out the articles we have on nutrition. Muscle pliability work isn’t the only part of the TB12 Method — it also includes nutrition and hydration best practices to improve your overall health. Our Method helps you naturally reduce your inflammation and improve your daily life in more ways than one!

For more info about the TB12 Method and how it can help you feel strong, healthy, and capable, download the TB12 Method mobile app and check out The TB12 Method: How To Achieve A Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.

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