Hydrate Right with an Electrolyte Subscription

Proper hydration has never been so easy! With the new TB12™ Electrolytes Subscription, you’ll get 10 bottles of TB12 Electrolytes delivered to your door every month.

Don’t make hydration wait — stocking up on TB12 Electrolytes every month ensures you’ll have a backup supply when your bottle runs out. The subscription gives you 10 bottles of TB12 Electrolytes a month and auto-renews, so you won’t have to keep reordering. Don’t let running out of electrolytes slow you down — be ready for the day or the game, anytime.
With your first month’s order, you’ll get a free TB12™ water bottle. It’s a 20oz narrow mouth water bottle with vacuum insulation. That means it’ll keep your beverage cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours! It also looks great, with a red powder coat finish and copper lining. No stone was left unturned, because the water bottle’s cap is BPA-free and insulated, too. This water bottle has everything you need to maximize your hydration game…just add electrolytes!

This TB12 Electrolyte subscription is $120 for 10 bottles of TB12 Electrolytes each month. Even though it auto-renews, if you need to skip a month or even cancel, you can do that at any time, no questions asked. This is a subscription for you and your personal journey to sustained peak performance, so do it your way.

TB12 Electrolytes are a natural and healthy way to make water a hydrating sports drink. They’re harvested from an inland sea, and contain 72 trace minerals our bodies need to function. There’s no flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives in the mixture, so you’ll get all the hydration you need and none of the bad stuff. TB12 Electrolytes are naturally self-preserving, so if a bottle ends up sitting in the kitchen for a few weeks or months, it’ll still be fresh when you grab it. Throw a bottle in your gym bag, backpack, or purse and bring it with you everywhere. Keep one in each bag, one at work, and one at home!

This TB12 Electrolyte Subscription package will help you hydrate your body efficiently and comfortably. Between the high-quality water bottle and hydrating TB12 Electrolytes, you’ll hit the next practice, workout session, or game more ready than ever. Check it out:

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